Winners 2017


Meet the finalist films and

the winners of the second edition of

DroneUp International Film Festival




Travel & Culture

Norway’s Lofoten Islands

by Ian Montgomery | Winner in category Travel & Culture

Winds from Marocco by Bernardo Becalhau

The Philippines By Drone by BigHeadGreg

Darkhad Valley by Jeff Colhoun

Norway’s Lofoten Islands by Ian Montgomery

Kukeri by Jivko Todinov

Reflecting on Peloponnese by Athanasia Lykoudi & Nestoras Kechagias

Lux From The Sky by Regis Lesieur

Fly Kings by Brent De Blesser



by Athanasia Lykoudi & Nestoras Kechagias| Winner in category Urban

Vasarely Foundation by Pierre Schollier

Mariniere by Athanasia Lykoudi & Nestoras Kechagias

The Five Boroughs by Victor Chu

Eye Spy: Rio de Janeiro by Glenn Fowler

Echoes of The Midwest by Brian Dressel

Extreme & Wild

Mixed Motion Project

by Marin Kafedjiiski | Winner in category Extreme and Wild

Moonline by Frederic Rousseau

OnZer09 by Charly Chapelet

Mixed Motion Project by Marin Kafedjiiski

The Mountain Within by Philippe Woodtli


Awaken Iceland

by Michael Bishop | Winner in category Nature

Moody Winter by Jurgis Kreilis

Downthere by Christian Grewe

Fjord by Kai Jonny Thue Venøj

Winter’s Light by Mike Criss

Perspective by Jay Worsley

Awaken Iceland by Michael Bishop

Nerrative & Cinematic


by Frank Dewaele | Winner in category Nerrative & Cinematic

Icon by Pierre Shollier

A Fleeting Dream by Jay Worsley

The Clouded Morning by Sebastian Wöber

Digitized by Athanasia Lykoudi & Nestoras Kechagias

Elegy for the Arctic by Rob Fernandez

The Lighthouse by Anelia Sørensen

Drift by Frank Dewaele


Bulgaria: East to West

by Brian Leitten | Winner in category Bulgaria & Audience Choice Award

Enchanted Bulgaria by Svetlin Marinov

Targovishte – Where Life Happens by Kolyo Kolev

Sense of Bulgaria by SkyTrip Studio

Bulgaria: East to West by Brian Leitten

Soulfood by Mariyan Tashev

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