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for an über cool festival



Free two-day Festival

Invite your friends and enjoy two nights of the most fascinating drone cinematography.

Open Air Venue

The wonderful Roman Stadium at the heart of Plovdiv will host the festival for second year.

Creativity and Drones

Meet the most creative aerial filmmakers and get to know their artistic tools.

Two nights of excitement

DroneUp 2017 was full of emotions,
amazing drone films from over 30 countries
and inspiring atmosphere!

The 5000+ people who visited DroneUp 2017
experienced the best of the world’s aerial cinematography
on an open air large silver screen in Plovdiv’s amazing
heritage Roman Stadium.

Vertical screen

The live audience also witnessed the first ever
vertical drone theatre and relaxed under the stars,
while flying across the world with the DroneUp finalists
’ films at the special DroneUp &Down festival area.

We had the privilege of presenting a two-day daytime program,
that welcomed 1000+ into the drone world, giving them a chance
to experience the thrill of flying a drone through demos,
workshops, expos, and competitions.

This is one of the top Drone Film Festivals that exist. Two nights of stellar films and performances in a one-of-a-kind venue.
Can’t wait to see what they do next year!

Brian J. Leitten

Executive Producer, Hyperion XIII Productions

Thank you!

DroneUp 2017 would like to thank everyone involved
in making the festival the coolest kid around – our generous sponsors
and partners, the amazing drone filmmakers who participated in the festival
and all the people who attended the events in Plovdiv.
Without you, DroneUp wouldn’t be what it is today!

See you at DroneUp 2018!

Stay tuned as we announce the details of next year’s festival!
Meanwhile, why don’t you re-enjoy DroneUp 2017’s outstanding winners!

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August 2018
Roman Stadium
Plovdiv, Bulgaria