It’s official – We are (almost) the world’s favorite! At least in terms of color.

We here at Drone Up International Film Festival like to think of ourselves as aesthetes…  With the recent news that the world’s favorite color is officially Marrs Green, it is with a cheeky tone that we declare a pre-discovery (well – sort of).

A nuance of Marrs Green has been a one of the two DroneUp colors ever since the start of the festival hand in hand with the characteristic DroneUp Purple.

Each year fashion designers, paint companies and artists scramble to find the latest trend in colors, we now have concluded – they should have just asked us!

According to Fstoppers, the paper makers G.F. Smith went to all the trouble and conduct a worldwide survey on the subject. The results of 30,000 people across 100 countries showed that the Marrs Green shade was the closest to the overall consensus of the most popular color in the world. The color was submitted by Annie Marrs, hence the über cool name – Marrs Green.

The shade can be described as a deep teal veering towards more of a blue, with the DroneUp secondary color being slightly greener, we admit, we cannot take full credit for the discovery, but damn we were close! As we all know the world has an infinite number of colors, so we are going to take this one and hold some pride in the fact that our color scheme is (almost) the world’s favorite color.

Aoife Ryan
DroneUp Team 2017