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We are constantly looking for the next drone film creation.

DroneUp is the film festival for enthusiasts and professionals alike. We crave to see what new heights you can bring to drone cinematography. We wish to unite the drone community through art, creativity, and innovation. We encourage our audiences and filmmakers to engage and exchange knowledge, passions, and ideas.

Become a part of the next edition of DroneUp International Film Festival and join filmmakers from all over the world. The best-rated films will be screened in front of a multinational live audience, including filmmakers, directors, and guests of DroneUp IFF.

DroneUp presents a unique chance for us to witness unseen corners of the world, exiting shots and awe-inspiring emotions.

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About the festival

The dates for the next edition of the festival are still to be announced. Plovdiv in Bulgaria is one of the greatest cultural places in the country and has been DroneUp’s home for two years now, and we hope for many more to come.

The hosting venue for the two-day event and also our guests was the Roman Stadium. Located in the heart of the city, the location is among the most popular ones. It can be easily accessed by any kind of public transportation.

DroneUp International Film Festival promises to go above and beyond after the great success of its previous editions. More drone demos, lively discussions, and entertainment throughout the day are only a few things we’ve planned for you.


Excite us by submitting your unique drone film in one of the following categories.


As humans we are connected to our surroundings and this breathtaking planet. We are looking to be blown away by your view of the world from up in the air.


Cities are alive and constantly shifting. They can be noisy, a constant light show or simply quiet. We want to see your urban dream or nightmare coming to life.


Adrenaline and drones go hand in hand. Can you feel the rush through your films? Thrill us!


We all want to be on a constant vacation. Take us with you on your adventures!


Tell us a story through drone cinematography!


As the host of DroneUp, we love its culture, history and nature. Show us what makes it special to you!

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