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Top 5 things to do in Plovdiv

While of course our number one thing to do in Plovdiv this August would be paying a visit to the DroneUp International Film Festival screenings and the day-time programme, we would still like to give you some tips for other exciting things to do, in order to make the...


Hey Guys, We are in full festival mode here at DroneUp, and are very excited about what is to come. After a chat/ brainstorm, we had all agreed on one thing; the drone photography we discovered throughout our web searches was beautiful, cool, and wonderful and needed...

The filmmaker of the week: Scott Palmer

The filmmaker of the week is the Australian Scott Palmer. Let's find out something more about him!   How did it all begin and how did you become interested in shooting films with drones? I’ve had a passion for photography and cinematography since I was young. I...

How to submit your FILM on FilmFreeWay

Hello everybody, some of you might have found difficult to submit your Masterpiece on FilmFreeWay, so we decided to write an EASY GUIDE, step by step on:   HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR FILM ON FILMFREEWAY!   First of all, you have to have a film shot by a drone to be...

The filmmaker of the week: Régis Lesieur

The filmmaker of the week is Régis Lesieur, who submitted a film in the Travel and Culture category.   How did it all begin? Since my childhood, I’ve been deeply interested in radio commanded objects. When drones were available, I jumped on this new product. It...

The filmmaker of the week: Jeff Colhoun

The filmmaker of the week is Jeff Colhoun, a Californian photographer and cinematographer with a special passion for drones.   How did it all begin? In 2011 I saw a video on Youtube of a guy flying a drone FPV through the Alps.  I immediately did my research and...

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