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August 25th – 27th

in Plovdiv, Bulgaria




The second edition of the annual DroneUp IFF will take place on August 25th – 26th 2017


Ancient Roman Stadium
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Meet over 100 artists and filmmakers, and enjoy their creativity with over 3000 other spectators



We love drones and we wish to share some amazing films with you and the world

As humans, we have always been fascinated by the sky. We have been driven by a desire to reach the clouds and have nourished a curiosity of what our lives might look like seen from above.

DroneUp celebrates the artistry and creativeness of drone flying and cinematography and present the most wondrous and awesome films shot by drone filmmakers from around the globe. By combining the screenings of the finalists in each category with live performances, we will revolutionize the stigma of the “ordinary” film festivals.

Petio Petkov

Organizer, DroneUp International Film Festival

Practical information

Older than Rome, Plovdiv never fails to excite with its winding cobbled streets, hip cafés and happening art scene. The city has a local airport, located only 6 km from the city. Currently, there are scheduled direct flights to London, Brussels, Moscow and Istanbul. The drive from the airport is approximately 20 minutes by taxi and will cost you less than 10€.

If your departing point is not one of the above mentioned, don’t you worry, Sofia International Airport has connections to all major European cities. Sofia Airport is located approx. 140 km from Plovdiv, or 1,5 hour drive. There are buses leaving every hour from Sofia’s Central Station, which drive directly to Plovdiv’s city center. The cost for one way ticket is 7€ per person. If you have decided to join the fest and you need all your equipment, we can arrange transportation for you as well. Just give us a shout.

Host City

Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s historic capital and the most enjoyable city. Like cities are doing across Europe, it has artfully incorporated its archaeological sites into its modern, people-friendly layout.

Rick Steves

Author and Travel Guide

Visiting Plovdiv


While city-central hotels are ideal points to start exploring the city and join the festival on walking distance, there are plenty of other options too. Airbnb offers many nice alternatives across the city. Additionally, Hostel ‘Old Plovdiv’ which was appointed as one of Lonely Planet’s ‘Top 10 best value stays for 2014’. No matter where you stay, one thing is certain – you will feel welcomed and safe. Bulgaria is famous for its hospitality.


Plovdiv is acclaimed as the city with one of the warmest climates in Bulgaria. If you’re a summer person, you’ll definitely feel at home. It is as certain that the summer days will be hot and the ice cream will always be freezing. Which can only be compared to the Italian Gelato.



Like Rome, Plovdiv is hidden between seven hills, but as Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city, it is far more ancient. Its visitors are most fascinated by the city’s romantic old town, packed with colorful 19th-century mansions that are now house-museums, galleries and guesthouses. But this is not all. Plovdiv has such a vibrant and cosmopolitan feeling, that the city has become one of the best cities to live in.


Talking about ice cream … You can start your day with a few pieces of banitsa, a delicious, crispy baked pastry usually filled with feta. Next you might want to cool down with a couple of bowls of tarator, a yogurt, cucumber, and garlic cold soup (it’s the best yogurt in the world!). Then do like the locals do and treat yourself with a classic shopska salad – Bulgaria’s most authentic salad. And of course, don’t forget a few rounds of rakia, the trademark drink to end the night.

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August 25 - 27th 2017
Roman Stadium
Plovdiv, Bulgaria