Hey Guys,

We are in full festival mode here at DroneUp, and are very excited about what is to come. After a chat/ brainstorm, we had all agreed on one thing; the drone photography we discovered throughout our web searches was beautiful, cool, and wonderful and needed to be shared with our audience and to the world. Therefore, it was without question – We needed to have a drone photography exhibition!

This leads me to our ‘DroneMeUp’ part of the festival in which our audience members will have the chance to look at stunning drone photography from across the world. Do you have breath-taking shots you want to be featured in the festival? Well . . . .take a look at our T&C’s and send them on in.

We look forward to feasting our eyes on the inspiring photography to come our way.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The contest is open to all drone photographers both Amateur and Professional.
  2. All Entries to the contest shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  3. You can submit more than one entry but no more than five photographs.
  4. All Images must be in High Resolution (at least 300DPI) and will be exhibited on a screen.
  5. All Photography must be without a watermark or any branding. The photo(s) will be credited.
  6. Upon submission via email, the photograph must be separately accompanied by location of the shot and name that will be used for the credits.
  7. The candidate must send the photograph as an attachment to the following address: ar@droneup-iff.com
  8. By submitting the photograph the candidates also agree that the photo(s) can be used for promotional material and exhibition associated with Drone Up IFF, in which the photo(s) will always be credited.
  9. Entries will not be accepted after the deadline of July 30 2017 at 23.59 CET.
  10. All submitted entries will be evaluated by an assigned DroneUp Staff member who will choose the photography to be used in the exhibition that will be shown during the festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, August 25 – 26th 2017.