The filmmaker of the week is Régis Lesieur, who submitted a film in the Travel and Culture category.


How did it all begin?

Since my childhood, I’ve been deeply interested in radio commanded objects. When drones were available, I jumped on this new product. It began in 2012.


How did you become interested in shooting films with drones?

Being a professional videographer, I understood few weeks after the potential it had for filming For how long have you been working with drones? I’ve been working with drones for 5 years now.


Where are you from and how many Countries have you flown drones in?

I’m from France, originally, now living in Mauritius. I flew in France, Guadeloupe, Switzerland, Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, Maldives and South Africa.


Can you tell us a story or an experience related to drone cinematography that is particularly meaningful to you?

When flying, I’m always working under stress, so one of the best experience was the first time my assistant called me from France to share with me that we won the Public Choice prize at the ED2F festival.


Can you tell us something about the technology you are using and your approach towards film-making?

A drone can have all the technology possible, it will always remain a tool serving a cinematographic vision.


What do you think is going to happen in the future? How do you see the future of drones? (possible improvements, maybe?)

I think that drones will be used in our everyday life. We can witness the first drone transportation system, I think it will be available for families.


What do you think is the most important aspect of film-making?

Stay true to a cinematographic vision and keep improving equipment wise.


What ideals do you aim to share with your audience? Tell us something about your passions!

I tend to share emotions, beauty of landscapes dynamised by epic music.


The photo is taken from the video “LUX FROM THE SKY 2016”, submitted in FilmFreeWay for DroneUp International Film Festival 2017.