The filmmaker of the week is Jeff Colhoun, a Californian photographer and cinematographer with a special passion for drones.


How did it all begin?

In 2011 I saw a video on Youtube of a guy flying a drone FPV through the Alps.  I immediately did my research and built my first FPV fixed wing.  By 2012 I was shooting professionally with multirotors.


Can you tell us a story or an experience related to drone cinematography that is particularly meaningful to you?

Last summer I was lucky enough to film a Siberian Ibex with a drone.  He was 3 kilometers out and it was the only way to get the shot.  There are believed to be about 95 Siberian Ibex left.


Can you tell us something about the technology you are using and your approach towards film-making?

I’m a big believer in utilizing the technology as a tool to tell a story.  The fact that the footage is from the air doesn’t make it special.  What makes it special is the context and content within the footage.


What do you think is going to happen in the future? How do you see the future of drones? (possible improvements, maybe?)

The sky is the limit. Literally!


What ideals do you aim to share with your audience? Tell us something about your passions!

I would like to give them something to remember.


Do you dream from an aerial perspective? 

No.  I do have nightmares about crashing though.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.


Who is your role model?

Raphael Pirker aka Trappy.  He is part of the reason I started flying FPV many years ago and gave my career a boost by promoting my content with his brand.  He has become a friend.


Coffee or tea?

Coffee.  Black


What challenges do you face and how can these be overcome? 

Traveling in the third world with batteries and drones. I’m just persistent and not afraid to grease some palms.